• Use an alternate data vendor. Make the switch seamlessly
    Reduce Data Costs
    Continue to the use the RIC. No need to recode applications!

Our Services

Switch Data Vendors

  • Significantly reduce market data costs
  • Use RICs to access data from any vendor
  • Switch between data feeds seamlessly
  • No need to re-code applications
  • Phased migration to alternate vendors possible
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Monitor FIX Order Flow

  • Monitor and track all client orders
  • Provide customers with improved service
  • Detect issues ahead of order deadlines
  • Order status visible within a dashboard
  • View “failing orders” and workflow a resolution
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Ingest Big Data

  • Scalable & performant ingestion of data into HDFS
  • Near real-time insertion rates
  • A library of financial gateways and protocols
  • Operational dashboard to monitor getaways queues and resources
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